Your default branch has not been analyzed yet

we are following the mentioned steps and successfully it gets completed too, but somehow SonarCloud is not able to scan the repo automatically. We see the message below under project summary in Sonar dashboard.

“Your default branch has not been analyzed yet.” I tried all the solutions suggested in the community forum too, but Sonar is not detecting my repo.

Let me help you with understanding the structure. We have one group which consists of multiple subgroups and they are being used for different purposes. We are following all the steps of adding variables and tokens, updating .gitlab-ci.yml file and also adding file in the repository. Post this, one successful merge request should trigger sonar to detect the repo and scan it. The same is not happening in our case.

can someone please help us with the same.


Welcome to the community!

This tells me you’re not using automatic analysis, but running your own CI-based analysis. That means that the question is how to get your CI to run the analysis step on the main branch. It’s really a CI question, rather than a SonarCloud question.