'"master" branch has not been analyzed,' even though it is my main branch!

I have a project. I want to scan the master branch. The master branch is my default branch. I don’t want to scan pull requests. Just the master branch. How do I do that? Is there a way I can initiate scans from the SonarCloud dashboard? I have the error:

“master” branch has not been analyzed yet and you have multiple branches already. It looks like it is not your Main Branch, check your configuration.

and I really see no way to initiate a scan. Do I have to set up a GitHub Action?

@Gregoire_Aubert @ganncamp / other admins: can anyone assist with this? I am a paying customer and I really don’t see how I can get SonarCloud to analyze the contents of my master branch.

Hello @douglasnaphas ,

Could you provide more details on the following points:

  • Since you mentioned GitHub Actions, I am assuming that your code is hosted on GitHub?
  • In which programming languages is your project written?
  • Since the error message mentions other branches, do you have an analysis already set up where other branches were analyzed?
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