Your analysis with ID "xxxxxxxxx" has failed because it took too much time

we’re running a sonar cloud scan with Github but we’re getting the below error message :
Your analysis with ID “xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx” has failed because it took too much time. Please try another CI tool to analyze your project. See troubleshooting documentation
Automatic Analysis Timeout
Your analysis reached our timeout of 45 minutes.
Please refer to the Getting Started guide for your code repository (GitHub, Bitbucket Cloud, Azure DevOps, GitLab) and try to scan your project using another CI tool.

Any help will help would be welcome here.

Hi @rohitduplo and welcome to our Community.

Could you please provide the analysis id? Tell me if you want to do it privately, but having a private project all information is protected (it is safe to provide the id here).

@Alexandre_Holzhey Thanks for reaching out. Sure I am fine to do it privately. let me know How can we connect.

Hello @rohitduplo ,

We are still investigating your issue and as soon we have some conclusions we update this topic. I am answering your private message here, please also post anything that is not security sensitive here as well, ok? :wink:

Thanks for your understanding, :+1:


Hello Alexandre,

Sure, But this error is keeping on coming every now and then. So the team is getting frustrated with this error.

Rohit Singh

Hello Alexandre,

Any update to solve this issue?

Rohit Singh

Hi @Alexandre_Holzhey ,

I am also facing same issue when I try to configure. I use third party developer library which is there in git hub, is this is the reason I get the issue ?