YML file - what to use as clean build command

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I’ve been trying to scan a project in C# in Sonarcloud and when I write the .github/workflows/build.yml file, I should “Replace <insert_your_build_command> by the actual one”. Maybe I’m a bit stupid but I have no clue what I should use as the build command.

I’ve seen similar threads from before but there are no answers there so I post a new one.



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Where it’s calling for your build command there, it’s just looking for how you normally build your project. At a guess, with C# this is going to be with MSBuild…?

Here’s an example from our docs:
MSBuild.exe <path to solution.sln> /t:Rebuild

or maybe
dotnet build <path to solution.sln>


Thank you, now I understand what to write and it works well :slight_smile:

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