Build wrapper output : "your clean build command"


While doing setup for cloud environment following command need to be executed. Can you please let us know what will be “your clean build command” here.

build-wrapper-macosx-x86 --out-dir bw-output "your clean build command"

The clean build command refers to the command that you would run to rebuild your C/C++ project from scratch (ie it would first clean all possible past artifacts (already compiled files etc…) and rebuild everything.
What is this command depends on your build tool and process. Some (non exhaustive) examples below:

make clean all -f <yourMakefile>
MSBuild /t:rebuild <yourSolutionFile>
xcodebuild clean build

This command can be anything. The only thing that SonarQube build wrapper requires is that it rebuilds your whole C/C++/Obj-C code base. Anything that is not built (compiled) will not be analyzed.


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make clean all -f
MSBuild /t:rebuild

Can i know what “yourMakefile” & “yourSolutionFile

Im using Xcode with Objective C

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