XML Report Generation

(Dennis Kavanagh) #1


We need a way to generate XML reports from SonarQube at least on 7.6+

Why you insist on not doing that is beyond me.

I am also not interested in buying your ridiculously priced

Enterprise Edition.

Dennis Kavanagh

(Carine Lacombe) #2

Hello Dennis,

First, I would like to remind you that you don’t need to open multiple times the same topic, that will not add any value. You already raised this one : How to get reports OUT of SonarQube where you will find our (SonarSource and Community Forum users) answers.

I would also recommend you to review our FAQ on this forum : https://community.sonarsource.com/faq
You will find some rules to follow on the forum on “how to raise topic, discuss and be polite”.

To answer your point on report, have a look at your other thread. And if you want to discuss price and Enterprise Edition, feel free to contact us via the form on the website.

I’ll close this thread as it is duplicated.