How to generate XML report from Enterprise Edition?

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What is the way to generate XML report from scanned projects?

  • using : SonarQube EE version
  • why: to integrate with DefectDojo to generate bugs from SQ EE scans
    I have admin rights to be able to generate reports .


Hi @vahid.aftahi ,

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There are no XML reports available to be extracted from SonarQube, but you are able to obtain the JSON responses via web API endpoints that we have available. Check the documentation link and you’ll see the following API endpoints:

From there, you can script using curl/bash/powershell to extract the data you need.

Thanks Joe.

Is there a way to get HTML report on detailed report ?
The expoerted HTML detail report is required to integrate with DefectDojo.


Hi @vahid.aftahi ,

There is no HTML report, so you will need to get the JSON responses from the web API and convert them into the HTML format that DefectDojo requires.


Thanks Joe!



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