How To Generate HTML Reports With SonarQube 8-7

I am using Sonar enterprise version 8.7 and I’m wondering if it’s possible to generate HTML reports per build.

I’ve tried using the -D sonar.analysis.mode=preview and -D sonar.issuesReport.html.enable=true but it looks like the former is deprecated while the latter doesn’t work.

Is there any way to generate an HTML issues report as was the case in earlier versions?

There’s no longer any such ability in current supported SonarQube releases. Your best approach now would involve invoking the SonarQube web API after analysis in order to retrieve the desired data.

Depending upon what technology is running your builds, there may be an integration point to decorate the build with SonarQube Quality Gate result information. This is supported in Jenkins if our plugin is installed, for example.