How to get reports OUT of SonarQube

(Dennis Kavanagh) #1

I have the task of getting reports OUT of SonarQube for our Management Analysis as even just the Measures seems to be very difficult to send off for Mgmt Review.

We cannot deal with a JPEG of the Measures as good as they are.

We are at 6.7 LTS and XML format is excellent.


Thank You

(Carine Lacombe) #2

Hello Dennis,

On which edition of SonarQube are you running?

SonarQube report is a feature available on Enterprise Edition (commercial edition) and above, see the documentation here.
With this feature, you will be able to generate, export and schedule report in PDF format to ensure visibility of key metrics to all stakeholders of your company, especially for Management Review.
Report is also part of the Governance feature that allows you to gather your project into Portfolio/Applications, to consolidate metrics on a more “macro” overview.

If you are interested in and want more details, I would suggest you to contact SonarSource sales team, by sending an email to and/or to fill in the form here. We can provide you an evaluation key to try the Enterprise Edition features and see how Governance and Reporting can be useful regarding your needs.


XML Report Generation
(Colin Mueller) #3

In addition to Carine’s response, I would like to mention there’s an extensive Web API (documentation linked in the footer of your instance) if you truly need to get data out of SonarQube and into another format.

It’s difficult if not impossible to create an export format that has every metric a user might need, and we also believe in the strength of the SonarQube UI and want to drive users (including managers) there to view issues, measures, overviews, etc. The context of data is as important as the data itself.


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