Wrong "Why is this an issue" link

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open https://sonarcloud.io/project/issues?branch=python3_migration&id=Xmipp&issues=AXKeGlbUDmgOXZCXT_78&open=AXKeGlbUDmgOXZCXT_78
  2. Click on “Why is this an issue” link

Expected behavior:
Description regarding the ‘Implicit casts should not lower precision’ should be shown in the floating window, probably this one: https://sonarcloud.io/organizations/i2pc/rules?languages=cpp&open=cpp%3AS5276&q=precision

Actual behavior:
Description regarding the ‘Functions with “noreturn” attribute should not return’ is shown in the floating window (this one: https://sonarcloud.io/organizations/i2pc/rules?languages=cpp&open=cpp%3AS5267&q=noreturn)

It seems that the error is in the address, as one rule has ID cpp:S5267 and the other cpp:S5276


Hello @David_Strelak ,

There was a bug introduced in the latest release that map S5276 to S5267 .
As you mentioned, The issue that you are seeing isn’t a bug it is simply a code smell. You can read the description of S5276 to understand the issue.
This mapping bug was already fixed CPP-2563 and the fix is going to be deployed soon.

Thanks for reporting this and sorry for the inconvenience.

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