False Bug detection


I am using SonarCloud account, and working on C++ project. We have created our own Quality Profile, based on build-in SonarWay. We had a 0 bugs reported since last week.

C++ introduced changes in rules and definitions last week, and also modified SonarWay Profile. Our custom made profile was not changed, but we ended up with 296 Bug on last analysis.

All bugs are pointing to type “implicit conversion may lead to lose of precision”, but when I click on the bug (click on “Why is this an issue”) I get explanation of “cpp:S5267 Functions with “noreturn” attribute should not return”.

On the other hand, there is CodeSmell of type “cpp:S5276 Implicit casts should not lower precision”.

I think you have a possible problem in the system that confuses types of issues found, and falsely present CodeSmells as Bugs. Do you need any more information regarding this issue that will help you fix/find?


Hello @Senad,

You discovered the same issue that was already reported here: Wrong "Why is this an issue" link

The fix is on its way to be deployed, so I suggest that you just wait for a few days and it should be ok.

OK. Thank you JolyLoic.
Looking forward to the fix.

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