SonarCloud classing 'implicit conversion to float' as 'Functions with "noreturn" attribute should not return'

Our automated sonar-scanner/SonarCloud C++ job has suddenly gone bonkers.

It’s detecting a pile of ‘implicit conversion from ‘x’ to ‘float’ may lose precision’ smells, but is now classifying them as bug/blocker. If you click on the ‘Why is this an issue?’ link in the SonarCloud results it directs you to the instructions for ’ Functions with “noreturn” attribute should not return’ which is clearly not the problem with the line.

It seems to be having some categorisation problems. Have some underlying issue numbers changed or something?

This is happening both with an analysis on a local machine, or in our Jenkins CI pipeline.
The job configuration has not recently changed as far as I’m aware.
The Jenkins CI build runs from a completely clean workspace every time.

Hello @CdrJameson,

There was a bug introduced in the latest release that map S5276 to S5267.
The issue that you are seeing isn’t a bug it is simply a code smell. You can read the description of S5276 to understand the issue.
This mapping bug was already fixed CPP-2563 and the fix is going to be deployed soon.

Sorry for the inconvenience.