Wrong profile chosen when using Jenkins -> SonarQube Scanner


  • versions used (SonarQube, Scanner, Plugin, and any relevant extension)
  • Server 7.1
  • Scanner 2.7.1
  • error observed
    When using the branch feature and sonar.branch.name parameter, the wrong quality profile is chosen for the branches: It’s always “Sonar Way”, although we have explicitly configured a different profile and set that as “default”.

Thanks & Regards

Hi Alex,

Are you affirmative that you’re seeing this behaviour for Quality Profile, and not Quality Gate ?

Because the symptom you describe match exactly a known past issue for Quality Gate:

  • SONAR-10252 - Project page always displays the link to the default Quality Gate for long-lived branches
    (note that this issue only affects the display in the UI , as mentioned in the ticket: this a UI/WS issue and that the proper QG is used when an analysis is done)

Also note that that issue is fixed in v7.2, so by all means I think it’s worth you upgrade first. And then if any issue remains on v7.2 then describe it further with additional data (e.g. screenshot/config).

Hi Nicolas,

Unfortunately we cannot yet upgrade to 7.2 , because we use your docker image which has not been released yet for 7.2.

But that aside - we see this indeed in the command line output of the quality gate build step which always reads “Sonar way” as chosen gate, although we have configured a different one as default on the server.