SonarQube Branch analysis fails even no quality gate is assigned to project

Dear All,

I am facing issue while performing Branch Analysis.

I have SonarQube 6.7.6 (developer Edition) on windows platform and I am using build breaker plugin v2.2.

I am doing branch analysis and scan fails on short lived branches even there is no Quality Gate set on Project.

INFO: Quality gate status: ERROR
ERROR: Code Smells: 17 > 0 ERROR:
[BUILD BREAKER] Project did not meet 1 conditions

I am scanning main branch without “” parameter and other branches with “” parameter.

This issue is only coming on short living branches.

I have read the documentation for short lived branches here: here and know there are hard coded Quality Gates but is this reason for build failure ? Where I can see this internal Quality Gates ?

Is Build breaker v2.2 is not compatible with SonarQube 6.7.6? I see no information on plugin’s github page.

Could you please help.

Also, I tested with attaching a Quality Gate to Project but only main branch get scanned against the assigned Quality Gate and other branch does not.


as you’ve already noticed, short-lived branches and pull requests have a hardcoded / builtin Quality Gate (no new bugs, vulnerabilities and code smells). Real Quality Gates for short-lived branches and PRs are coming soon with the next version Sonarqube 7.7, see Real Quality Gates for PRs and short-lived branches
The build breaker plugin is a third party plugin, not provided by Sonarsource with last release in 2017.
WIth newer Sonarqube versions you should use the webhook feature in your pipelines instead.


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Hi Gilbert,

Thank you for your reply.

Because of this hard coded Quality Gates our Jenkins builds on Short lived branches are failing, how should we handle it ?

Can we disable this “hard coded Quality Gates” ?

About webhook feature, I tried it but did not worked for me, I will raise another topic for it.

thank you.


you may use the new version Sonarqube 7.7 which brings real Quality Gates for short-lived branches and PRs, should be coming soon. Otherwise fix the issues in the short-lived branch or set them to Won’t fix.



We have Developer Edition license and I am not sure if it is advisable to upgrade to version outside LTS?


Hi Shreedhar,

of course the official recommendation of Sonarsource is to go with the LTS version, but i guess they are not unhappy about users with Developer / Enterprise edition using their latest version to get more feedback for commercial features. You have full support when using Sonarqube 7.x, though you are obliged to use always the most recent version more or less.
We started with Enterprise edition and 5.x LTS in 2017, but i decided to use the most recent version 7.4 for the update in December 2018, because of a bunch of new features not available in 6.x LTS -
and i didn’t regret.
Eagerly waiting for Sonarqube 7.7 … :wink:


A couple words on this :slight_smile:

Both the LTS and Latest versions of SonarQube are equally loved and supported on SonarSource’s side. We have no broad official recommendation about choosing one over the other.

What we do make sure to mention is that the LTS is aimed at users who value stability and infrequent upgrades, while the Latest version is aimed at users who value the latest capabilities and can upgrade frequently (about as often as we release new versions, every 1-2 months).


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