Quality Profiles are getting changed automatically with each run of sonar analysis

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  • versions used (SonarQube : * Community Edition
    Version 7.7 (build 23042)
    LGPL v3
  • error observed : quality profile for one project in sonarqube getting changed for each analysis. when we check in quality profiles it show the project is assigned to that particular profile but when we go in project overview it shows different profile which is default sonar_way.
    Also from activity logs we come to know that the sonar profiles changed from this to this.
    PFB are the sonar analysis steps added in project:

required metadata


path to source directories (required)

sonar.exclusions=/*.json,/.js,**/.d.ts,/*.html./.xml, /build//,/webapp//*

  • steps to reproduce : run the sonar analysis.
  • potential workaround : checked the logs for build output. in logs it is showing as used profiles. the profiles are changing for each run even we have set the appropriate profile to project.

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Can anyone please help me on this …?
quick replies are really appreciated…


Sorry this fell through the cracks.

In fact, the sonar.profile has been removed in recent versions partly because of exactly what you’re experiencing. When you specify sonar.profile in your analysis, you override the profile that would normally be used. It is expected that you still see the other profile in the UI. Analysis parameters provide a temporary override; they do not re-assign.


Hi Ann,
As you suggested we have removed the sonar.profile from our analysis code.
but still the profile got changed after execution of sonar analysis.

so even after we are not overriding the profile why it is getting changed ? we have not done any kind of change in source code before execution and after execution as well.

please suggest.


How about a screenshot of where you’re seeing this change?


i am seeing the change here on project dashboard.

as in below sniipet you can see the PS-SMP-Legacy has been applied for this project.

As in activity you can see the changes happened for each execution or the suggestion it is giving us to use.

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Thanks for the thorough pictorial documentation.

I admit that I’m stumped at the moment. I’m not sure how useful this will be, but could you check your analysis logs? If possible I’d like to see everything from the analysis command itself through to the line(s) listing the profiles that will be used.


can you tell me where do i find the analysis logs…?


The analysis logs are going to be… in Jenkins? Or wherever it is you’re running analysis from.