SonarCloud / C# / Update Quality profile - not reflected


(Melih Ozturk) #1

Hi there,

On SonarCloud, although taking below steps - quality profile of an existing project, where analysis has already done, is not updated.

  • Create new quality profile by copying the default one, activate new rules.
  • Set the new quality profile as default (on project page, Quality profile is shown as (C#)Sonar way)
  • Revert the default quality profile to (C#)Sonar way, go to Quality Profiles -> New One -> Projects -> Add All (still on project page, Quality profile is shown as (C#)Sonar way)

Is there any setting that I am missing? Or any rule to not being able to update the Custom Profile on an existing project with analysis already done.

(Stas Vilchik) #2


The quality profile you see on the project page is the quality profile that was used during the last analysis. You need to analyze your project again (the analysis will use the new profile you selected).