SonarCloud does not update quality profiles in “Information” page

In our SonarCloud organization, I have updated the quality profiles in one of the projects, but it’s not reflecting in the Information page.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Go to this specific project in SonarCloud.
  2. Navigate to AdministrationQuality Gate and change the quality gate there.
  3. Navigate to AdministrationQuality Profiles and change some of the quality profiles there.
  4. Go to Information and check the quality gate and quality profiles there.

Expected result:

  1. On step 4, the quality gate shown is what was set in step 2.
  2. On step 4, the quality profiles shown are what was set in step 3.

Actual result:

  1. OK: updated indeed.
  2. NOK: nothing changed.

Hey there.

A new analysis will need to be run for the information to update. Such a ticket exists for SonarQube (SONAR-8502) to remove the disparity. But not necessarily in the direction you’re thinking.

We think it makes sense for the Quality Gates / Profiles actually used during analysis to display – not what we be used on the next analysis (because it doesn’t actually tie to the results you see in the dashboard). What do you think?

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Thanks for the response @Colin.

What seems most important to me is that it’s obvious what is being displayed. I don’t know much about UX, but I do like Steve Krug’s principle: “Don’t make me think.”

In this case, I see quality gate and quality profiles not being handled the same, and then I think there’s a bug there.

But thanks for confirming it’s actually not a bug – then this ticket seems Resolved to me…

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