Will SonarCloud be able to be available without relying on separate CIs, such as appveyor

https://github.com/apps/sonarcloud says “Upcoming versions will: Suggest automated analysis vs. CI-based analysis”.

I recognized that SonarCloud will be able to be available without relying on separate CIs, such as appveyor.

Is that right?
If so, when will it be available?

Thank you in advance.

Your understanding is correct @m-tmatma: This feature is currently still under development and be sure that we will communicate when it will become generally available.

Do you have any timelines?
In early 2019, in late 2019, or more later?


Sorry for the late response.
A beta version should be available really soon (next week if everything goes as planned).

However, the beta will be limited to projects hosted on GitHub. And for the time being, it will support interpreted languages only (i.e JavaScript, TypeScript, PHP, … but not Java, C#, C/C++).



Will the documents for the usage also be published at the same time?


Yes, we’ll make an announcement on this forum with instruction on how to use the beta,


I overlooked this phrase.

When do you plan to support c++?

AFAIK we don’t plan to support compiled languages for the time being.

For reference, here is the beta announcement: