Why java plugin in sonarlint is different?


(Fanny Tan) #1


I just found out that each sonarlint has different java plugin.
Here is what I got for now:
sonarlint eclipse 3.6. : java 5.4
sonarlint intellij 3.5.1 : java 5.5
sonarqube: java 5.7 (latest)
I want to know why is it different and will java plugin in sonarlint will be updated?

Is eclipse version affect sonarlint java plugin version
(Julien Henry) #2


Each SonarLint flavor embed the latest SonarJava analyzer at the time it was released. If you want to have a consistent behavior in all your products, you can use the connected mode.


(Fanny Tan) #3


Connected mode means connect to my own sonarqube server, right?
I have connect to my own sonarqube server, but I got different behaviour, which I ask in my other topic.

Is there any possibilities I can upgrade my sonarlint analyzer to latest version?

(Julien Henry) #4

If you use connected mode, SonarLint will use the exact same version of the analyzers as you have on the SonarQube server.

In non connected mode, analyzers are embedded into each SonarLint releases, so you’ll have to wait for the next release.

(Fanny Tan) #5

Okay, thank you, I will try to see if there is something wrong with my configuration