Which Edition of SonarQube to install, confused by the link

I need to install a local instance of SonarQube of Developer Edition.

However, the link below asks to download Community Edition, is it correct?


Installing a local instance of SonarQube

You can evaluate SonarQube using a traditional installation with the zip file or you can spin up a Docker container using one of our Docker images. Click the method you prefer below to expand the installation instructions:

From the zip file

  1. Download the SonarQube Community Edition zip file.

Hi @Pingpong ,

where exactly do you see the message that you need to download the Community edition? There is an overview about the available editions in the download section and for the docker images we fall back to the latest community edition, but you can switch this to any other edition as well (available tags are on the docker hub) .

if you want to set up a commercial edition i would advise you to to first check the requirements and install guide as a move of the database connection will render your license invalid and the getting started in 2 minutes guide is not intended for productive use.

hope that helps

it was already quoted on my OP.

1 Please go to the link and click
2 and click “From the zip file”
3 then it shows the quotes in my OP.

Is it the document wrong, and I should download other Editions instead of Community Edition?

thanks for clarifying. this slipped thru :sweat_smile:

if you require features from a commercial edition of SonarQube, you need of cause download the specific edition to install it. you will need a license for commercial editions tho and as stated above there are actions that will render your license invalid.
you can request a trial license for the developer edition here

That document should have been rectified. It is confusing. Cannot believe it is on the size of your company.