Where does the 0.06 days development cost come from and what does it include?


I was looking into Sonarqube metrics and found out about the “cost to develop 1 line of code” in the technical debt ratio description. It’s default is 0.06 days and we were wondering where this number comes from and if it only includes the developer writing one line of code or if this also includes testing, documentation etc.

Do you, by chance, have any references to cite?

0.06 days equal about 30 minutes, which seems a lot for a single line of code, no?

Technical Debt Ratio ( sqale_debt_ratio )
Ratio between the cost to develop the software and the cost to fix it. The Technical Debt Ratio formula is:
Remediation cost / Development cost
Which can be restated as:
Remediation cost / (Cost to develop 1 line of code * Number of lines of code)
The value of the cost to develop a line of code is 0.06 days.

Thank you!


The origin is a little bit lost in the mists of time. I’m struggling to remember whether this was originally from SQALE or from general Agile materials, or what.

But yes, the .06 is supposed to cover tests &etc. (including, I think, reading the ticket…?).

And you can change this: Administration → General Settings → Technical Debt → Development cost.