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Technical Debt Ratio ( sqale_debt_ratio )
Ratio between the cost to develop the software and the cost to fix it. The Technical Debt Ratio formula is:
Remediation cost / Development cost
Which can be restated as:
Remediation cost / (Cost to develop 1 line of code * Number of lines of code)
The value of the cost to develop a line of code is 0.06 days.

anybody have can explain this metric, please

what is the relation between “remediation cost” and “Technical debt cost”
where the definition of remediation cost is “The estimated time required to fix Vulnerability and Reliability Issues”.
and technical debt cost is “The estimated time required to fix all Maintainability Issues / code smells”

anybody can explain this formula with an example or have an explanation of what is " Remediation cost" in this formula “Remediation cost / Development cost”


Remediation cost and technical debt cost are basically the same thing with different words used based on the domain. So probably we should correct that formula to be:

Technical debt cost / Development cost


Technical debt cost / (Cost to develop 1 line of code * Number of lines of code)

The Remediation cost is the sum of the estimated time to fix all open issues. For Maintainability issues (Code Smells) we use the remediation cost to calculate another metric: Maintainability rating, and that’s the formula you’ve cited. For Reliability and Security the ratings are calculated differently (based on the severity of the worst open issue) so we don’t do any further calculations with the remediation cost in those domains.


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