When will Swift 5.9 be supported

Hello, we are unable to use Sonar for our iOS code because we are using Swift 5.9 and Sonar only supports up to 5.7, so our Github action fails with “ERROR: String is not parsed” on the 5.9 language features. Please let us know when support will become available.

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I already raised this question in this request Support for Swift 5.9
The reply i got is, that they will work on it.
For now i am ignoring the files where i use Swift 5.9 language specific features.

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Hey @dmsonar and @SwiftN

Happy to tell you that a sprint started on this yesterday. :slight_smile:

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i saw here Languages overview | SonarCloud Documentation
that swift 5.9 is now listed as supported (not as fully supported).


we had a similar problem, Sonarqube Enterprise 9.9 LTS didn’t support Swift 5.9
But since updating to Sonarqube 10.4.1 - now on Sonarqube 10.5.1 latest - Swift 5.9 is supported.