Can SonarQube support iOS (Swift) scans, or only SonarCloud?


We are currently running Sonarqube (on-premise) v9.9 LTS, scanning GitHub repos using Jenkins Jobs, and successfully scanning Java applications.

What We Are Trying To Achieve

SonarQube to scan iOS apps.

Language Versions Wanting to Scan

  • Swift 5.8** (primarily)
  • Obj-c

**The language is set to 5 in the project (repo) but the developers IDE updates it to the minor version so it will be 5.8 now, depending on which version of xcode everyone is using.

The Question

Can our SonarQube support the iOS code we’re using? If so, where can I find the onboarding documentation, please? Or is it a feature only supported by SonarCloud?

I can see from Swift 5.6 support is here -

For SonarQube users, analysing Swift 5.6 projects will be available starting from the version 9.5. So we should be able to???

Thanks in advance!


Welcome to the community!

The announcement you pointed to is pretty clear:

There shouldn’t be any difference in onboarding a Swift/Objective-C project from any other type of project as long as you’re using Developer Edition($)


Thank you, G Campbell. I’ll give it a try.

From your link, Sonarqube Enterprise supports Swift 5 (up to 5.7) - Clean Code Swift Programming Language