When was a Project/Application created and by whom?

Hello there :wave:

how do i find out when was a Project/Application created and by whom?

Background: There i was, walking our garden of fruitful products of labor. But what was that? This single patch of vegetation looked strange. Ok, i thought to myself, i am street-wise. Daniel, you can look into the ci-info to find out where this stuff is coming from. You might even be able to extract more info from the admin panels of “project stuff”.

But then i thougt to myself: Maybe there is a more easy way to find out more about it? Like a sign? Planted by the Gardener. When it placed this creature into the garden, naming the planting datetime and which gardener is to ask when questions arise.

For example given a URL like this: https://sonarqube.instance.internal/project/information?id=my.fancy.plant.in.the.garden … could contain such a sign.

Is this already accessible info?

Maybe i just overlooked a place where such info already is available … if not: feel free to put this into PM4AD (Project Manager for a day) :slight_smile:

Must-share information (formatted with Markdown):

  • Most recent SQ-Server


//edit: i am re-reading what i wrote and would like to more precisely describe my “need”:
I would like to see (for example: in the project/application info-page ) some information when (timestamp) this entity was created and which user-id was responsible for the creation.

I do not want to seach in activity-entries. I maybe do not have an activity if a project was created via API.

Maybe this info exists already somewhere. Please tell me if that is the case :pray: tyvm!

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Hey Daniel

We used to store project creation date… and we dropped it. We never stored who created a project, although I suppose this now ends up in the audit logs for Enterprise Edition+ users.

I’ve moved this to our PM for a Day category.

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Hi @daniel

Thanks for your insight and your beautiful manner in describing it.
Could you elaborate on why is it important for you to know when a project/application has been created and by whom?
And where would you see this information on SQ? Would it be something available for every user or admin?


Hi @alexander.rage

one example, that is a usecase for me, would be an automation that creates projects while testing some automation. If these projects do not get teared down again automagically they are leftovers. I would like to know more details about the creation of such leftovers.

Maybe someone else also created a different zombie project and never sent an analysis for it. I also would like to know more details about that project, too.

In my original posting i already mentioned the location where i would expect such info:

(currently this URL is not a theoretical example. it would already be accessible for an SQ instance of your choice, using an existing projectKey of your choice)

Concerning the availability to a user vs admin: Maybe admin and user that created it? I am rather indifferent. It would probably be more useful to someone housekeeping/administrating an instance, tho. :person_shrugging:

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Thanks for your answer.
I understand your use case and to dig a little bit more, why would you like to know more details about the creation of such leftovers? What is your end goal with the information?

just off the top of my head:

Depending on creation date i can

  • decide how mature it is already
  • compare creation event timelines

Depending on initiating userid i can

  • see if it was automation or a human being that might be able to answer questions
  • find out more about “the organizational area” where the creation request came from
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Thanks for the clarification.
And out of curiosity, with this information, do you want to build reports? How will you use this data afterward?

That was not something that crossed my mind. When i start thinking about more strategical purpose: i could see knowledge derived from those info, too.

  • Longest running project
  • Amount newly created projects per timespan
  • Avg amount of scans per timespan in a project

(that was just brainstorming, /me currently has no need for any of this)

But my usecase was not reporting. I was looking at a specific project and tried to figure out where/when did that thing originate from.

I understand, thanks for taking the time to explain it.
Regarding your request, we don’t have this feature available at the moment but we take into consideration your need. In this case, we don’t have any plans to address this on our current roadmap, but if we find evidence that it’s a wider problem we’ll look into it further.