Is there any way to get project creation date via Sonar API

I found out that we can get the project info via below two endpoints but none of them having project creation date. Is there any workaround to find the project creation date via the web API.



As far as I know, we don’t store this information.


Hello @lkravi,

What would be the use of this information on your side if the project creation date was available via SonarQube API?


Hi, @ganncamp @Alexandre_Gigleux Thank you for your response. We are building a custom dashboard for internal use to track the usage of all engineering productivity tools. We require this information to capture how many projects onboarded during a specific period of time.

There is also a feature request in the SonarSource Jira, where you can put your vote on: FR-30

This feature request also contains some use-cases:

  • Tracking the adoption of SonarQube overtime (we had 500 projects onboard in 2018, 25% growth, better up our LoC!)
  • Tracking projects that have been provisioned, but stay unanalyzed for a long time
    – Goal is so they delete these dead projects and have a cleaner, leaner SonarQube instance
    – SonarQube administrators don’t know if a project was created yesterday and just hasn’t been analyzed yet, or if it was created last year and should probably be deleted
  • Track new projects so they can apply automation of configuration only to new projects (when just having defaults aren’t enough), or otherwise raise visibility internally about the new projects on their instance

It would be helpfull having a way to obtain this information. We need for example checking who is not using the standard for creating projects, I mean names starndards. Our people is constantly commiting these kind of operative errors.