When Developer Edition license is expiration,why can not continue used opensource Java Language?

Used SonarQube Developer Edition 8.5,but my license is expiration, when i want to analyses a OpenSource Language(Java), it tell me i have to renew my license.

So, i have a question: when the license is expiration, it can not continue to used OpenSource or Free analyses in Developer Edition? it must renew a license that you can continue to ues OpenSource Language in Developer Edition ?? or just used Community Edition to analyses OpenSource, SonarQube Developer Edition to analyses OC SWIFT?

there is tow screenshoots:
when i analysis successed and updata to sonarqube server (i used sonar-findbugs-plugin-4.0.0.jar),sonarqube tell me that must renew license. that i can used OpenSource in license is expiration SonarQube Developer Edition

Please,help me and thank very much !!


Hello @0937,

If you want to continue analyzing your code with the Community Edition, what you have to do is:

  • Stop your Developer Edition
  • Install a Community Edition (on the same machine this is OK), and point at the JDBC URL of your expired Developer Edition database. The database schema of any Edition is compatible with any other Edition
  • Start the Community Edition and analyze your free open source languages with it

Now, more conceptually it’s a big mistake to reduce the Developer Edition to “additional commercial languages”. Even on free languages the Developer Edition provides important features that are not available a part of the Community Edition (Branch/Pull Request analysis and SAST vulnerability/security analysis in particular).

That’s precisely because of these additional features that you cannot analyze even the free languages with an expired Developer Edition. You have to revert to a Community Edition package, where the free languages are available, but the special features are not.

Hope this is clear. Olivier