What does the active/inactive boolean mean in sonarqube API documentation?

Hi everyone! I’m currently trying to use the Sonarqube API to find out the last connection date of sonarqube users at my organisation - they recently seem to have changed the API from listing out last connection date instead to now only showing a status, whether the user is active or inactive. Does anyone know what the active/inactive status means - i.e. does that mean the user has logged in within a certain timeframe to keep their account active, and what this timeframe is? The API documentation does not seem to have been updated to explain this change.

For reference, the API link is here (it should work when searched for in Postman, but not in browser): https://sonaruat.web.banksvcs.net/api/users/search

Any help on this would be hugely appreciated!

When a user is created – they are active. The user can be deactivated, but never fully deleted (so the active flag becomes false). This does not have anything to do with user activity.