Is there any CleanUp Db Query to remove the inactive user From The Application

We are using a latest LTS version Of SonarQube. Backed up postgres DB

Basically we Want to remove All the user from the application who are not Active in the application.

If we can get any option do so from the DB side or from the Forntend it will be Great Help.

We want to limit the access to the Application Who are not part of it or no Longer using it.

Hey there.

The global Administration > Security > Users will show the last connection date of users, who you can choose to deactivate.

Depending on how long you’ve been running SonarQube, this might be blank for users who haven’t logged in since you upgraded past v7.7 (when the last connection date started to be tracked)

Hi Colin,

Thanks for information

I had One more question .

Assume some user are was using sonarqube via login token and that token is been used for analyzing the code.

we have removed some user from AD Group and there Login token been Still used for Analysis we want to stop that from happening is there any possibility of doing that.

At this time, your only option is to audit the list of users (GET api/users/search is a useful API for this) for users who no longer exist in AD, and remove the tokens/deactivate them.