What is "Deactiveate" exactly?

Hi everyone!

When I deactivate an user in SonarQube, it seems to vanish. At least I can’t see it in the users list (admin section) any longer and I can also create new users with the same user name. So, what is “Deactivate” exactly (and why is it not “Delete”)?

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When you “deactivate” a user account, you do just that - toggle it from being active to inactive. When you “create new users with the same user name” you’re not actually creating a new user; you’re reactivating the old user.

Why do we do this? For referential integrity.


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Thanks for your response. However, this is a bit puzzling to me.

In our setup we use LDAP as user backend. I have had a user log in to SonarQube, then add his user to the sonar-administrators group and then “Deactivate” the user. I then asked the user to log in again. The sonar-administrators association was gone that time. If the user would have been properly reactivated, shouldn’t the group association be reactivated as well?
What about other user individual things like issue assignments etc.? Would they be gone too?

Would it be an issue if I had two different persons use SonarQube with the same user name (never at the same time though)?


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Hi Steffen,

When a user is deactivated, we’re not only setting a flag active to false on it, but we remove all his data (permissions, notifications, tokens, etc.), expect the issue assignment.

So when a new user is created using an account that was previously deactivated, this user will only be the assignee of the issues of the previous user, nothing more.

I hope it will help to understand what is happening.



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