Webview didn't updated after bulk_change

Hello, I’ve some scripts that update tags on external issues (because you cant set tags on Generic Issue Import Format)

So i use API, so I retrieve my list of issues that i want to add tags. Then i use api/issues/bulk_change?issues=[id1],[id2]&add_tags=mytag
And that’s working well because when i get concerned issues via API there’s mytag on it.
BUT when i use Webview, issues don’t appear in project with mytag on it.
So i’m confused, when i use API, tag is setted, but when i use webview there’s no tags on it.
Did I make a mistake? Do I need to update manually the webview ?

  • Community Edition
  • Version 8.9.7 (build 52159)

as a example :
GET /api/issues/search?resolved=false&tags=mytag&componentKeys=myproject
i got ~1400 occurs
but if i use Sonarqube webview, i cannot find them by selecting only mytag filter selection
by example :
GET /project/issues?id=myproject&resolved=false&tags=mytag
gives me nothing
Even, when i found specific issue on webview that should be tagged, no tags are on it, but if i search it with api, it says that it is tagged

Hi @LeChatP ,

That is strange. The UI uses the same API endpoints to fetch data from the backend, so there should not be any difference.

Could you open your browser’s developer tools, and check the Networks tab? What is the UI requesting?


it was my fault, i mistaken a typo in resolved=false

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