WebAPI doesn't match

Version: Community Edition Version 8.9.6 (build 50800)
I am trying to export a the list of open issues. I am able to export the list using the following command. I updated the domain, port and project names in order to be discrete.
I used the “Ignore Issues on Multiple Criteria” in project settings to ignore some code smells we don’t care about. On the web interface these issues now appear as closed/resolved after running the pipeline again. When I run the above command I get all the issues even the ones that appear closed on the web interface, they have status of open in the return message. I tried this on another project with the same issues being ignored and it worked as expected. No clue why the issue status doesn’t match what is on the web interface. I checked project name was correct and we only have the master branch.


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If the issues show up as closed in the UI, they should be showing up the same in the Web API results. Can you use your browser console to double-check the search call the UI makes & make sure there’s no significant difference from what you’re using?


That returned the same result. After comparing the url of the web interface and the webapi I realized the web interface name was different than the project name that was displayed (my doing accidentally). Once I used the correct project name in the webapi I got the expected results. Thanks for the help.

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