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I’m getting to know the web API of Sonarqube*. In the endpoint api/issues/search i get a Json file beginning with the “total”. However, for every project i always a slightly different number then what i see in the web portal (Measurements->Issues).

  • web portal:
    Issues 1187
  • Json:
    “total”: 1189,
    “p”: 1,
    “ps”: 100,
    “paging”: {
    “pageIndex”: 1,
    “pageSize”: 100,
    “total”: 1189
    “effortTotal”: 10996,
    “issues”: [

Is the Total within the Json response, the total of issues?

*version is Sonarqube 9.9


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The difference in the numbers is likely explained by a difference in the query parameters. The easiest thing to do is use your browser’s developer tools to see the full / exact query being sent by the UI and compare it to the one you’re using.


Thank you Ann,

In fact the web portal has an extra condition (&resolved=false) that is different from API endpoint call that i was performing.


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