/issues reports many issues despite web interface reports only 1

Hi All,

I have a developer edition in which I scanned a short lived branch.

The web interface reports only 1 issue in the branch, but the /issues call reports many:

“total”: 894,
“p”: 1,
“ps”: 100,
“paging”: {
“pageIndex”: 1,
“pageSize”: 100,
“total”: 894

I’m looking at the “total” field. Is it the right one to read for the number of bugs specific to a branch ? What are the “p” and “ps” fields ?

Here is how I use the API:

curl -s "$serverUrl/api/issues/search?componentKeys=$projectKey&branch=$DEV_BRANCH"

This is supposed to return only the bugs introduced by the DEV_BRANCH branch.

I don’t know if it is important, but we disabled some rule and I see lots of “FIXED” in the “issues” list.


What are you trying to accomplish? The web interface is showing you the issue(s) new in your branch. If you want analogous results, you might see what call is made from the UI by using your browser’s developer tools.

Also, as described in the web service docs (you’ll find a link in your SonarQube footer) p is page number, and ps is page size.


Hi, Thank you.

From the browser, I see that there is a resolved=false additional argument. This is the one I missed in the request.