Paging for the JSON-File

Btw I am using the latest SonarQube Version.

When I retrieve the results of analysis via the WebAPI
Where can I find the total number of pages?
Because I need to get all issues but they are more than 500. PageSize is already set to max.
But I can not find a value which tells me how many pages there are.

OR does that man if PageSize is set to 1 then the number of total is the number of total pages?

Any idea?

In the JSON-file under paging there are only the values:


but “total” isn’t the number of pages. Because otherwise I would have a page 150 but then I receive the following message: {“errors”:[{“msg”:“Can return only the first 10000 results. 75000th result asked.”}]}

This is the URL I use: “http://localhost:9000/api/issues/search?componentKeys={KEY}&ps=500


with a JSON response like this =
it seems total pages are 6852/100, 6852 issues in total with pagesize 100.


Exactly what I thought! Thanks!!