Web UI refresh bug

(Dan) #1

Version: SonarQube 7.1, Firefox 60.0.2, 67.0.3396.99
Problem: Some elements of the UI do not refresh after making changes. There are at least 2 different cases leading me to believe this is a somewhat generalized UI problem, not a backend problem.

Reproduce first refresh problem:

  1. Have a sonar instance with multiple projects.
  2. Search for a project, and click to go to its default view.
  3. Click the star to make that project a favorite.
  4. Search for a project which you know is not a favorite, and click to go to its default view.
  5. Notice that this project also appears to be a favorite.
  6. Refresh the page, star toggles to and outline (not favorited).

Reproduce 2nd refresh problem:

  1. have a sonar instance connected to active directory for users (not groups).
  2. log in as an administrator, go to administration -> security -> groups
  3. Choose a group. Show its members.
  4. Search for a user, and check the box to make them a member.
  5. Click done.
  6. View the members of that group again.
  7. Get shown only the member you just added.
  8. Refresh the page and all members appear.

Both cases feel very related.

I searched for other issues regarding the UI in the old google group, but didn’t find anything even remotely similar.

(Stas Vilchik) #2


I believe for the first problem you faced is SONAR-10669, which is fixed in SonarQube 7.2.

I also confirm the second problem, it’ll be fixed in 7.3 (SONAR-10964).

Thanks for the feedback!