Selecting different Quality gate shows stale list of projects

  • versions used (7.1)
  • error observed
    List of projects does not change in the UI when different quality gate is selected, same behavior is observed when we copied the gate in the UI. The copied project was showing projects from old gate selection.

If you refresh it will show empty list for the projects, however if you apply any change to the list before refresh, it will be reflected not to the copy, but to the original gate, so it is not a purely “display error”,

  • steps to reproduce
    on Quality gates page, go to one quality gate and then to another and see list of projects

  • potential workaround
    refresh the page in browser

Thanks for reporting this Sana, I could also reproduce it on 7.2.1 . We’ll be following-up on it.

Hi Nicolas,

Thanks for your response, I have edited the bug, since there is one more important detail about it that should be taken care of as well