Visual Code - SonarLint - Connected mode give me different issues than local activation rules

Hi, my question is similar to others but after reading the faqs I think that I’m not doing something correctly, can you help me? thanks in advance

I am using Visual Studio Code Version: 1.42.1 on OS: Windows_NT x64 6.1.7601
SonarLint Version: 1.14.0
and I want to use connected mode with SonarQube Community EditionVersion 7.6 (build 21501)

  • plugin SonarJS version: 5.0 (build 6962)

I give you an example about a particular file but it goes with the whole project.
I have the same (37) number of issues detected in the SonarQube that in ‘local’ mode (35) by activating rule by rule (except 2 for common-js: xxx as you explain in faqs) :grinning:

But when activating the connected mode I find a subset of the issues, less than expected. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

In the debug console I see how it connects seamlessly to the SonarQube server, with the right profiles, rules, etc … but without the expected result

Does anyone have any idea what else I can try?
Thank you so much
PD: sorry for the collage (due to one picture limitation)

Hi @Carlos

As far as I remember, SonarJS 5.x was in the middle of switching from home made JavaScript frontend to ESLint parser (based on Node.js). It is possible that some rules (the one migrated) were disabled on SonarLint (I can’t remember exactly).

When using non connected mode, you are using a more recent version of SonarJS.

I think your best option is to update SonarJS on your SonarQube server, and then update the binding in SonarLint.

Hi @Julien_HENRY,
thank you for the fast reply !!
I’ll try to update SonarJS and I will tell you how the solution went.