Using vbnet plugin with Sonarqube Community to analyse vb code

I am using sonarqube : Version 6.1 - LGPL v3 - Community .
And i’m trying to install plugin for vb net , from System->Update Center .
I get error when installing the plugin .
Error : 'Error while downloading plugin ‘vbnet’ with version ‘8.6’. No compatible plugin found.
I tried adding the plugin manually too, by downloading the plugin for vbnet for version 5.2 and 7.7 (tried separately for both these versions) and placing them at $SONARQUBE_HOME/extensions/plugins , then restarting the server.
After doing this manually I was not even able to access the sonarqube server .

So I removed the vbnet plugin and it starts working normally .

Can you please guide on how can I install the vbnet pugin and run analysis on code using sonarqube community that i’m using . Is there any dependencies of sonarqube community version I have to use vbnet with it ?


Hi Rehan,

6.1 is really old at this point. You’re more than two LTSs behind. You need to upgrade to at least 7.9.3, the current LTS, or 8.2, the current version at your earliest convenience. Once you do, you’ll find that it comes pre-loaded with the ability to analyze VB.NET.


Thanks !