Using SonarCloud for Azure DevOps

I want to use SonarCloud doing some code analytics in my project. I am not the administrator but i have already include SonarCloud as an extension for our teams.

When i read the document, i find thạt there exist a build task called Run Code Analysis . However, when i try to import it into azure Pipelines, i can not find it as something i can use.

How can i import it into my pipelines? Many thanks

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Are you using the YAML editor for configuring your pipeline ?


yes, i try it but can not find how to add

We have a case opened at MS because this is an issue on their side (see

In the mean time, you can use the classic editor, where your will find the task (both from the template we provide or manually)

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I try it here, however i cant find any Agent Pools to add

Why i try the manage interface, it shows that all availables pools have been added.

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As you are not an admin, you probably need more privileges to do so (

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