Azure DevOps + SonarQube Run Analysis Task Issue

We are trying to integrate Sonarqube with Azure DevOps (Microsoft Hosted SaaS Offering) and followed the following steps:

  1. SonarQube has been installed on a Windows VM within Azure.
  2. Azure Devops Project has been created and Build Pipeline Created for a .NET Project.
  3. We are able to configure the Prepare Analysis Task successfully and run it.
  4. When we try to add the “Run Code Analysis Task” - we do not see any UI and just a single line gets inserted into the YPL File. Post this - the Run fails at this task.

Is there a Sample YPL while which shows the parameters for the “Run Code Analysis Task” that can be shared? Some articles show that this task also should have a UI shown to capture the parameters.


Run Code Analysis task doesn’t require any parameters, so in your YAML you just have to put :

- task: SonarCloudAnalyze@1

It should be working.