Use SonarCloud in Azure Devops Services with self hosted agents in pipeline

We are a ISV developing a software product using Azure Devops Services (cloud) as ALM
Our CI/CI pipelines uses self hosted agents (on premises on our farm) to build and deploy code.
Can we use SonarCloud or do we need on-prem SonarQube? I suppose that code analysis step should be at the beginning of the pipeline, before the build process, so SonarCloud should be ok. Is it right?

Thank you


Greetings @fedebona
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First of all, SonarCloud will allow any CI tool to run the analysis of your projects hosted on Azure Devops Services, the entry point in the documentation with be there.
And SonarCloud itself will help you for this integration thanks to its projects onboarding UI:

Then the way you integrate the analysis steps in your pipeline depends on the language(s) used with the project, SonarCloud will also help you with that:

This is also documented from there.

With some projects (Java, C#, C…) you need to build before you run the analysis, and tests execution will also come before analysis if you want tests coverage to show for those projects.

And of course your organization CI/CD self-hosted agents will need to be able to reach the SonarCloud public URL.

Does this help?
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Thank you very much for clarification.
Basically I need to ensure to be able to reach your cloud API URL from my build agents, while there is no need for viceversa. Is it correct?

Hi @fedebona
that’s correct :+1: