SonarCloud with Azure devops and self-hosted agent


We are using Azure DevOps as a code repository and also for hosting the CI/CD pipelines. These pipelines are running on a self-hosted agent which has access to our internal network and which has no public IP/FQDN. We are now considering adding Sonar, either Sonar Cloud or SonarQube. Considering the cost, SonarCloud seems to be a more interesting option since the license cost is almost the same and even cheaper (3K/year for 1 Million LOC instead of 4K/year with SonarQube). In addition, there is a significant cost for the infrastructure hosting the analysis server and DB.
Before choosing between these two options, we would like to make sure that there are no constraints/limitation regarding the usage of Sonar Cloud with a Self-Hosted agent which is not accessible on public internet. So The question is :
Does SonarCloud need to access the Self-Hosted agent to publish the analysis results ?
I think I had to configure some callback URL on Jenkins, few years ago, to use an asynchronous analysis and allow the pipeline to get the notification when the analysis ends.

Thank you for your help

Hey there.

Your build agent needs to get in touch with SonarCloud, but not the other way around!

Hey Colin,

Thank you !
So there must be some pooling strategy in the azure pipelines to retrieve the result of the analysis.

SonarCloud needs to get in touch with Azure DevOps, but not the build agent specifically.

Very clear, thanks a lot