Code Analysis without Successful Build

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I’ve been migrating additional projects to Azure DevOps and run into a problem that I could not find a solution for. The code for the project that is currently in a Git repo @DevOps requires a USB dongle at compile time (for license reasons) this means that the build on a azure hosted agent won’t succeed.

I could use a private agent to build but I’m uncertain if in such a case I could still use the SonarCloud tasks.

Is there any other way that I could use the static code analysis feature of SonarCloud without getting the solution to compile successfully? I know its not worth much but at least I could get started with improving the code based on the rules.

Let me know what your thoughts are.


Hi @norberth

There’s normally no issue to use a self-hosted agent along with SonarCloud.

You just have to make sure that there’s a way for this agent to communicate with SonarCloud (should there is a proxy between it and the internet)

Have you considered using SonarLint already ?


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Hi @mickaelcaro

if the self-hosted agent is working then I prefer it over SonarLint - I really want all our teams to use the same software/setup.

Thanks for your prompt response.

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