Using new SonarQube 10.x UX style in custom plugin

Hi there,

I was wondering what the recommended approach, if any, is for using the new SonarQube 10.x UX styles when adding pages to SonarQube via a custom plugin.

The documentation refers to using the sonar-custom-plugin-example repository for examples, however all the custom pages added by that plugin are using the styles from SonarQube 9.x, meaning they look out of place under SonarQube 10.x. Ideally they should have the same page background, button styles etc.

Look forward to your feedback,



Hi Sam,

Unfortunately, your assessment of the situation is correct.

I’ll add a positive note: We started working on a component library that we may make available to the community (specifically plugin devs like yourself) in the future.

In the meantime, you could copy code from the design-system folder or even try to set up your project to import components from it. We don’t support this, but it shouldn’t be too hard.

Happy coding,


Hi Jeremy,

Thanks for the response, I kind of expected that to be the case - just wanted to be sure I wasn’t missing anything :smile:



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