Could you please update custom example project and developer documentation for SonarQube plugin development?

Need to develop a plugin with custom webpages, but it looks like the example project and developer documentation are outdated (as far as I see SonarQube uses React 16 from v6.7 + there is no typescript support).

Could you please update the example or provide more relevant starting template to create custom web pages in a plugin?

Hi @Ivanka,

Indeed, we’ll get on this ASAP. I’ve opened a ticket, in case you want to track progress:

Hi @Ivanka,

We’ve updated the documentation, as well as the example plugin. The documentation will be updated after the next release, but you can see the source Markdown here:

The new example plugin, which applies to the SQ 7.x series, is here:

Please let me know if it’s helpful.