[NEW RELEASE] sonar-checkstyle 10.1


Short description:
Issue #408: update to Checkstyle 10.1

Sonarqube compatibility: 9.0-LATEST
JDK: 11

SonarCloud project dashboard: https://sonarcloud.io/dashboard?id=checkstyle_sonar-checkstyle

PR: https://github.com/SonarSource/sonar-update-center-properties/pull/281

Daniel Mühlbachler-Pietrzykowski

Hi Daniel,

SonarQube 9.4 has been released since you created this thread, so I updated the PR for you to end the 10.0 compatibility range at 9.4.

Aaand… this is done.


Thanks for the GitHub ping @muhlba91. I had, in fact, forgotten to actually push the “merge” button. But this is done for reals now.