Users list and projects listing for users is acting wonky after moving to 8.9.2 Enterprise

Hi. We migrated from 8.4.1 Community to 8.9.2 Enterprise via error-free database dump + restore to a greenfield new server. Everything is mostly working fine except something is going on with users’ visibility to their projects. At login, they see none of their projects listed and searching for them returns nothing.

When viewing Administration → Security → Users, only 3 of our 182 users are showing up. There’s an odd “3 of 4, show more” button there that when clicked does nothing. All 182 users DO show up in the perms matrix when viewing Administration → Security → Global permissions and also in the matrix when viewing a specific project’s permissions

Any thoughts?

Very related, logging in as admin shows the following 2 projects only, out of 8 (wrong, there are 172 projects). Clicking the “show more” button does nothing there as well.

Hello Jeff,

This looks like an indexation issue. Triggering a full reindexation should help. This is something you can try in a stagging environment to confirm.

Thanks, Pierre. That solved everything.

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