Project Permissions

Must-share information (formatted with Markdown):

  • Migrated from community version 8.2 to enterprise version 8.2
  • Testing to make sure community and enterprise versions are the same for permissions

took a copy of the database and upgraded it to enterprise. Applied the enterprise license


Users Are saying that they do not see the same projects in enterprise vs community. I played around with removing users from certain groups and a whole page of projects show. Added user to more groups and they could only see 1 project on the main screen but can still view all of them if they searched for them. Some users in the same groups see all the projects fine. This is only happening to a handful of users where they are assigned to multiple groups but can only see 1 or 2 projects on the main page. When we remove the user from the project that shows the 1 project the user has two pages of projects from other projects but when added the project with an issue back the other projects disappear from home screen view.

Hi @jlenzi,

When migrating from Community Edition to Enterprise Edition, did you change the way the authentication is done? Which authentication system are you using?

Julien Lancelot

@julienlancelot I am using LDAP for both pulling AD groups and users

Thanks, then a stupid question: did anything change on LDAP side?

If not, I think you’ll need to check what is missing.
Could you please check which groups the users owns in SonarQube?
Then, could you check that these groups have the correct browse permission on the projects that the users should be able to see?