Bitbucket Integration


Apologies firstly if this has already been discussed.

My Sonarqube version is and Bitbucket server (7.9.1). I have done the integration and can see most projects. A few projects are missing and not sure why SQ can’t see these. We tried to create a new project in Bitbucket, and SQ still didn’t pick these up when adding new projects.

Have you guys seen this please and any pointers will be useful.


HI @binie,

As a first step, I suggest that you connect to Bitbucket Server with the user that was used to create the personal access token. Can you confirm that this user has permission to see the projects you’re referring to?


Hi @Philippe_Perrin ; Yes the user account can see all these other projects.

How many projects do you see within SonarQube? How many do you expect?

SQ sees 25; SQ account on bitbucket sees 41. In addition, I used the SQ account to create a new project and still could not see this as a project on SQ.

Ok something funny is going on. I just realised I can see projects starting with alphabets a-q. It will not see anything after ‘q’. I renamed one of the projects I created to start with letter ‘i’ and I can now see this project.

OK, I think I got this. It took me a while to remember that due to limitations in BBS, we only display 25 projects. To see more of them, you’ll have to use the search input to filter them.

Please let me know if that helps.


Yes true. It does find the repos though and except if the search key brings in multiple repos; then it will highlight the project they fall under.